Service-oriented openEHR repository for clinical data with composition commit, query and retrieve capabilities.

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CaboLabs EHRServer

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Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform compliant with the openEHR standard.

The EHRServer is a generic clinical data back-end system, that helps cutting development time, increase data quality and enable interoperability for any kind of clinical or health related information system or app.

Can be used as the main clinical data repository of your system or app, as a shared repository/integrated patient EHR between many systems, as a secondary/backup repository, as a wearable/monitoring device backend, as a standardized data source for datawarehousing, as a fast prototyping platform, and as a micro-service platform with many applications like clinical decision support, clinical dashboards, data visualization, reporting, research, etc.

Let me know if you are using the EHRServer!

One way of supporting this project and our vision for building a truly open platform for health information systems, it through community donations. This will be used to pay for servers and development tools we use, also to maintain the website updated and be able to create new guides, and keep all open.

Another way of supporting the project is by subscribing to the CloudEHRServer

Thanks for your support!


Main features

Based on Open Source Technologies

Test it

Want to try EHRServer?

Install, Configure, Run locally


  1. curl -s bash
  2. source “$HOME/.sdkman/bin/”
  3. sdk install grails 2.5.6
  4. set version by default: Y
  5. grails -version


  1. install MySQL
  2. copy the default root password
  3. cd /usr/local/mysql/bin
  4. ./mysql -u root -p
  5. enter default root password
  7. CREATE DATABASE ehrserver;
  8. exit

EHRServer configuration

  1. cd ehrserver/grails-app/conf
  2. nano DataSource.groovy
  3. change development password to NEW-ROOT-PASSWORD
  4. save

EHRServer run (dev environment)

  1. cd ehrserver
  2. grails run-app
  3. open localhost:8090/ehr
  4. login with admin/admin/123456